ChargeAutomation + HotelTime Solutions Integration

Hoteltime PMS – Online check-in, security deposit, Upsell

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With ChargeAutomation, we've experienced improved cash flow, reduced billing errors, and increased overall productivity. I can confidently say that ChargeAutomation is a game-changer for any business looking to optimize its billing processes. I highly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking a reliable and efficient billing solution."

HotelTime Solutions

HotelTime Solutions is a company that specializes in providing hospitality management software solutions for hotels and other accommodation businesses. It offers a range of tools designed to streamline hotel operations, enhance guest experiences, and improve overall efficiency.
Global Reach Property Management System (PMS)
Global Reach Online Booking Engine
Global Reach Channel Manager
Global Reach Revenue Management
Global Reach Guest Relationship Management
Global Reach Mobile Accessibility

Powerful Automation Features

  • Efficient and easy operation management Efficient and easy operation management

    Robust reporting (on operations, sales, reservations, etc.) provides management with a detailed overview and allows perfect control. In addition, hotel chains can rely on multi-property reporting, which provides transparent information about individual hotels.

  • Cost savings Cost savings

    With HotelTime PMS, you don't need to own servers or run an IT department. We regularly update the system free of charge as part of the license. The high level of automation you achieve with HotelTime PMS also saves costs.

  • Maximum automation Maximum automation

    Thanks to our integrations with third-party systems, you can achieve efficient operations and first-class service even with minimal staff. Extensive integration options also bring the possibility to equip hotels according to hoteliers' needs technologically.

  • Reporting and Analytics Reporting and Analytics

    The platform typically offers reporting and analytics tools to provide insights into hotel performance. This includes occupancy rates, revenue trends, and other key metrics that assist in strategic decision-making.

  • Mobile Accessibility Mobile Accessibility

    Many modern hospitality management systems, including HotelTime Solutions, are designed with mobile accessibility, enabling hotel staff to manage operations from smartphones or tablets.

  • Revenue Management Revenue Management

    Some solutions may offer revenue management features, allowing hotels to optimize pricing strategies based on demand and market conditions.

  • How to get started with HotelTime Solutions ?

    To get started with HotelTime Solutions, begin by visiting their official website to explore the range of products and services they offer for hospitality management. Contact HotelTime Solutions directly to inquire about their solutions, pricing, and any specific details relevant to your business. Request a demo to gain a practical understanding of the software’s features and capabilities. Evaluate your hotel’s unique needs and budget considerations before exploring pricing plans provided by HotelTime Solutions. If available, take advantage of any trial options to test the system with your real data. Collaborate with HotelTime Solutions during the implementation phase, including data migration and staff training. Ensure your team is well-versed in using the system effectively. If your hotel utilizes other systems, discuss integration possibilities with HotelTime Solutions. Once implemented, monitor the software’s performance and maintain communication with HotelTime Solutions for ongoing support, updates, and any additional assistance required for a successful integration into your hotel operations.
  • Visit the HotelTime Solutions Website Visit the HotelTime Solutions Website
  • Contact HotelTime Solutions Contact HotelTime Solutions
  • Request a Demo Request a Demo
  • Evaluate Your Business Needs Evaluate Your Business Needs
  • Explore Pricing Plans Explore Pricing Plans
  • Sign Up for a Trial Sign Up for a Trial
  • Implementation Planning Implementation Planning
  • Training for Staff Training for Staff
  • Integration with Other Systems Integration with Other Systems
  • Launch and Monitor Launch and Monitor
  • FAQ

    Check answers to the most common questions about Charge Automation

    Contactless check-in software allows hotel guests to self check-in online & enter their room without visiting the front-desk or human interaction.

    Contactless check-in software works by capturing a guest reservation from a hotel PMS and sending a pre check-in link to a guest enabling them to submit their information, documents & making payments.

    The best time to send a pre check-in email to guests is a day before check-in or after the booking. 

    Hotels that use contactless check-in software from ChargeAutomation include CozySuites, Wyndham hotels, UpStay & Carzi Contactless

    Find instructions on how to generate a pre-check-in link through your PMS using template URL’s defined here.

    Hotels and short-term rentals often use contactless check-in by ChargeAutomation for ID-check, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, gaining guest intelligence, upselling and more.

    ChargeAutomation’s contactless check-in solution is built to facilitate the scaling up of your hospitality business with less effort. You may apply the check-in flow for multiple short-term rentals or hotels at once.

    Requiring users to download an app dramatically decreases the conversion rate. ChargeAutomation is a completely web-based solution; however, its user-friendly interface creates an app-like experience.

    ChargeAutomation is GDPR and PCI-compliant solution. Personal data security is the cornerstone of our operations.

    Yes, you may define what steps contactless check-in should include such as ID-verification, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, upselling and more.

    Why Charge Automation

    Streamlined Financial Processes

    Enhanced Efficiency

    Reduced Human Error

    Optimized Subscription Management

    Improved Customer Experience

    Real-time Reporting and Analytics

    Customizable Solutions

    Scalability for Growth

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