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Customize a digital guidebook web app for your guests with check-in instructions, access codes, hotel or vacation rental manuals, live chat & upsell services.


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Why you need a digital guidebook

Your services will be accessible anytime, anywhere

Elevate guest experiences for vacation rentals and hotels with an automated and smart guidebook. Seamlessly operational 24/7, this personalized guest portal enhances accessibility to crucial information. 

Why your vacation rental needs ChargeAutomation

Custom check-in experience

Pre check-in links

Collect ID/Passport

Guest eSignatures

Upsell during check-in

Auto collect payments

Digital guest guidebook

Check-in reminders

Why hosts like you trust ChargeAutomation


Upsell revenue

Offer personalized upsells during check-in


Guest queues

Reduce guest queues by
using online check-in


Time savings

Speed up check-in & booking


Guest satisfaction

Saving guest time & money will make them happy


Document handling

Collect guest documents &
signatures online


Eliminate cash-handling

Collect payments & security
deposit during check-in

Your services will be accessible anytime, anywhere

Elevate guest experiences for vacation rentals and hotels with an automated and smart guidebook. Seamlessly operational 24/7, this personalized guest portal enhances accessibility to crucial information. 

Orchestrate an exceptional guest journey with easy to use smart guest portal. Let your guests:

Track and manage bookings & payments

See instructions, manuals, access code and FAQs from a single place.

Purchase add-ons and chat with you.

Check themselves in & out and book again.


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ChargeAutomation is easy to use and user friendly, you can surely use the system even if you are a beginner. and the support team are prompt at responding to queries and very informative.
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We've been using contactless check-in for quite some time already and are really satisfied with how they combined id check, payment collection, terms & conditions and upsells into a single flow. It was easy to implement and guests love the experience.
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Contactless check-in from ChargeAutomation saves so much time for our administrators and we noticed how guest satisfaction improved. 100% recommendation.

Digital guidebook that integrates with your current system

Seamlessly integrating with diverse hospitality software, our digital guidebook crafts personalized guest experiences featuring their name, stay dates, and preferences.

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A digital guidebook for hotels and vacation rentals is an interactive online platform offering guests essential stay information, accessible from any device. It replaces printed materials, providing details on check-in, amenities, local attractions, and more, enhancing guest experiences and communication.

Utilizing ChargeAutomation’s Digital Guidebooks, you can effortlessly convey comprehensive property information to guests, spanning from check-in to check-out and encompassing local suggestions. The process of building and handling these guidebooks is user-friendly and demands no technical know-how. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to upsell additional services, fostering new revenue avenues for your enterprise.

All aspects of your property that guests need to be informed about! This includes check-in procedures, locating amenities, operational guidelines for appliances like laundry machines and hot tubs, and so much more. The scope is truly limitless. Additionally, you can share your top-choice cafes, restaurants, available tours, must-visit destinations, and various experiences.

Absolutely, you can enhance the content with images, videos, maps, and other multimedia elements to provide a visually engaging and informative experience for your guests. This not only makes the guidebook more appealing but also helps in conveying information effectively.

The guidebook is automatically personalized for each guest, featuring their names, stay details, and preferences. Furthermore, the content can dynamically adapt and update based on the specific property the guest is staying at.

Hundreds of vacation rentals and hotels utilize the ChargeAutomation digital guidebook, including prominent names like Upstay, Wyndham, PMI, CozySuites, and more.

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Requiring users to download an app dramatically decreases the conversion rate. ChargeAutomation is a completely web-based solution; however, its user-friendly interface creates an app-like experience.

ChargeAutomation is GDPR and PCI-compliant solution. Personal data security is the cornerstone of our operations.

Certainly, you have the freedom to cancel at any time. Rest assured, there are no cancellation fees involved.

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