Pre-authorization payment hold

Collect security & damage deposits for your hotel or vacation rental using pre-authorization payment holds on credit & debit cards.

Schedule Authorization Date

Let your customer add their card anytime and the authorization will take place on the scheduled date.

Chargeback Protected

Your deposit holds are 100% protected from fraudulent Chargeback. No more fighting disputes and fraudulent customers.

Save Transaction Fee

Charging & refunding security deposit costs you processing fee (~3%). With authorization, you no longer have to pay these fee to your payment processor.

Receive Notification

Every time a security deposit is received, you are will receive notifications in real time.

Collect Security Deposit in 3 Easy Steps

Connect your payment gateway (i.e. Stripe)

with connect to various payment gateways including Stripe.

Generate Authorization Link

Share link via SMS, WhatsApp, Email and more

In less than 2 minutes, start collecting security or damage deposit in any currency with zero integration. 

What Can you Do with Pre-Authorization Hold?

You can do the following either automatically or manually

Capture Partial or Full Amount

Release Authorization Hold

Extend Authorization Hold

Send Auto Reminders

Give Your Customers A Smooth Experience


Why Choose Our Authorization Solution?

No Website/Page Needed

You can still collect security deposit even if you have no website or page for your business. Just create a payment link and send to your customers online.

Payments Made Easy

Authorization links are an easy substitute for any other payment options. With just a click, you are able to receive payments direct to your bank.

Share via any platform

Share the authorization link over any platform like WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Messenger etc. giving your customers a quick checkout option and hassle free transaction.

Zero Fraud Guarantee

You would not worry about fraud customers, disputes and chargebacks for your business with our Chargeback Protection feature available on our Authorization Links.

Go International

You can accept authorization anywhere, even internationally with our Authorization Links. Making your business expand more without even lifting a finger.

No Extra Charges

Create and send as much authorization links as you like for free, and get charged only for successful transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Authorization links are simple URL's that are generated to be sent to your customers for them to add a card for Authorization.
By clicking on it, they are routed to the page where transaction will take place. 

You can send the link to any form of messaging communication like email, chat, SMS, or any social media sites, etc. By this, your customers are able to pay you anytime anywhere they are.

Yes, you can. You do not need any website or app to send your authorization links to your customers.
Just create your links then send to your customer through any form of communication app you are using. 

Yes. You can accept payments from your customers internationally. 

Yes, you schedule authorization date. Your customer can add their card anytime & authorization will take place on the specified date.

You must have a payment processor like Stripe in order to collect security deposit with ChargeAutomation

It can stay 7-30 days depending on the issuing bank of the cardholder.
Create and send as much authorization links as you like for free, and get charged only for successful transactions. Only successful transactions are charged a minimum fee of 0.15% of transaction amount (e.g. 15 cents on a $100) + 0.25 cents gateway transaction fee. We bill you at the end of the month based on how many transactions are processed.