Online payment gateway integration for short-term rentals

Integrate your hotel or vacation rental to 120+ online payment gateways like Stripe,, Paypal, Moneris, Square, Elavon, First Data & Fiserv with ChargeAutomation

Chargeback Protected

Your payments are 100% protected from fraudulent Chargeback. No more fighting disputes and fraudulent customers.

Automated Payment Reminders

Send reminders without lifting a finger & automate collections

Schedule Payments

Set Due Dates & Expiry Date for your payment request. Never worry about receiving payment for expired link.

Receive Payment Notification

Everytime a payment is received, you are will receive notifications in real time.

Collect Payments in 3 Easy Steps

Connect your payment gateway (i.e. Stripe)

with connect to various payment gateways including Stripe.

Generate Your Payment Link

Share link via SMS, Whatsapp, Email and more

In less than 5 minutes, start accepting payments in any currency with zero integration. 

No Distance is Too Big to
Receive Payments

Payment Links – The smarter way to collect payments online

Start doing more for your business and save time for yourself by using our Payment Links

No Website/Page Needed

You can still collect payments even if you have no website or page for your business. Just create a payment link and send to your customers online.

Payments Made Easy

Payment links are an easy substitute for any other payment options out there such as cash on meetup or any point of sale method. With just a click, you are able to receive payments direct to your bank.

Social Media Sharing

Share the payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. giving your customers a quick checkout option and hassle free transaction.

Zero Fraud Guarantee

You would not worry about fraud customers, disputes and chargebacks for your business with our Chargeback Protection feature available on our Payment Links.

Go International

You can accept payments anywhere, even internationally with our Payment Links. Making your business expand more without even lifting a finger.

No Extra Charges

Create and send as much payment links as you like for free, and get charged only for successful transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment links are simple URL's that are generated to be sent to your customers for them to pay you.
By clicking on it, they are routed to the page where transaction will take place. 

You can send the link to any form of messaging communication like email, chat, SMS, or any social media sites, etc.
By this, your customers are able to pay you anytime anywhere they are. 

Yes, you can. You do not need any website or app to send your payment links to your customers.
Just create your links then send to your customer through any form of communication app you are using. 

Yes. You can accept payments from your customers internationally. 

No. Payment links are for one time use only. 

No. Payment links are created with fixed amounts only.
Customers cannot edit the amount they only want to pay.

No. Payment links accept 1 time payment only.
You would need to create another link for another transaction even if it's the same customer. 

We only charge very minimal fee in using our Payment Link. Only successful transactions are charged for 0.15% of transaction amount (e.g. 15 cents on a $100) + $0.25 cents gateway transaction fee. We bill you at the end of the month based on how many transactions are processed.