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Prevent chargeback fraud on all credit & debit card transactions 100% guaranteed with our chargeback protection software for hotels & vacation rentals.

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How does chargeback protection work?

Chargeback protection works by adding an extra layer of authentification & risk assessment to every transaction using 150 data points.

By using the contextual data of each transaction our chargeback protection software is able to make real-time decisions on the level of authentification needed providing your guests with frictionless authentification and a better user experience.

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Why chargeback protection software

Learn about the many benefits of our merchant chargeback protection software for hotels & vacation rentals

Why your vacation rental needs ChargeAutomation

Custom check-in experience

Pre check-in links

Collect ID/Passport

Guest eSignatures

Upsell during check-in

Auto collect payments

Digital guest guidebook

Check-in reminders

Why hosts like you trust ChargeAutomation


Upsell revenue

Offer personalized upsells during check-in


Guest queues

Reduce guest queues by
using online check-in


Time savings

Speed up check-in & booking


Guest satisfaction

Saving guest time & money will make them happy


Document handling

Collect guest documents &
signatures online


Eliminate cash-handling

Collect payments & security
deposit during check-in

In the hospitality industry between 5-6% annual revenue is lost to chargeback fraud. We prevent chargeback fruad, 100% protection guranteed!
Authenticate every transaction with our chargeback protection software

Payment automation with a few clicks

In less than 5 minutes, you can fully automate payment collection and mitigate risk
for any booking source i.e., Direct Bookings, VRBO.

Client testimonial

“What ChargeAutomation customers are saying about our check-in software”

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ChargeAutomation is easy to use and user friendly, you can surely use the system even if you are a beginner. and the support team are prompt at responding to queries and very informative.
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We've been using contactless check-in for quite some time already and are really satisfied with how they combined id check, payment collection, terms & conditions and upsells into a single flow. It was easy to implement and guests love the experience.
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Contactless check-in from ChargeAutomation saves so much time for our administrators and we noticed how guest satisfaction improved. 100% recommendation.

Chargeback fraud protection solution that integrates with your current system

Our payment automation software integrates with a wide range of payment gateways and hospitality software ensuring that your operations are smooth and effective.

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Chargeback protection FAQ’s

Chargeback fraud in the hospitality industry is when guests make a payment using their credit card and then request a refund from their bank after their stay at a hotel or vacation rental resulting in revenue losses for the property owner.

Chargeback fraud prevention is important because it helps protect merchant revenue from fraud and reduces friction for legitimate customers.

Yes, chargeback fraud is a very big problem resulting in $20 billion is sales revenue losses globally in 2020 according to the latest research.

The three types of chargebacks are friendly chargeback, merchant error chargeback and criminal chargeback fraud.

Hotels and short-term rentals often use contactless check-in by ChargeAutomation for ID-check, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, gaining guest intelligence, upselling and more.

Yes, chargeback fraud can be eliminated by using a chargeback protection software.

Chargeback protection software helps companies protect their sales revenue from chargeback fraud by ensuring that only legitimate transactions authorised by the card owner are processed successfully.

Charge Automation offers the best chargeback protection software that is trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

Starting at just $39/month

100% free to try with no monthly contract

Recognised & accredited internationally

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online checkin, online checkout
online checkin, online checkout
online checkin, online checkout