Contactless online check-in software

Automate check-in & collect guest info online before they arrive at your hotel or vacation rental using contactless check-in & check-out software.

Reduce check-in time

Allow guests to accelerate check-in by filling out all their important information pre-arrival

Enhances guest experience

Provide guests with seamless digital experience between check-in and check-out

Boost check-in revenue

Upsell upgrades & other services to guests during check-in boosting hotel revenue

Easy to use check-in

Experience our intuitive and easy to use check-in process that is 100% digitalized

No app download

Our web based check-in app can be access via mobile or desktop

Automate check-in

Digitalise the whole guest journey from pre-arrival to post stay

Contactless check-in

No kisok is required to check-in just any internet connected device

Check-in reminders

Send guests realitime email or SMS reminders to check-in

Guest self check-in made simple

Create a streamlined online check-in for your guests eliminating the need for queues at the front-desk with contactless online check-in software for hotels, and vacation rentals.

Collect guest info pre-arrival

Save up to 30 minutes per booking & reduce front-desk queues by collecting guest all guest information before they arrive.

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hotel payment automation & security deposit

Collect payment during check-in

Payment automation to help you collect any types of payments from guests during the online check-in process.

Upsell during check-in

Use personalised information about your guests to boost revenueby $25 per booking by upselling during the check-in process.

Guest Portal & Guidebook

Give your guest an area where they can access   Instruction,  Receipts, Purchase Upsell Services & Chat.

Guest Guidebook & Portal

Integrations with the top hotel software

Charge Automation has integrations with over 200+ hotel & vacation rental software to make it easy for our customers. 

We integrate with 150+ property management systems and 50+ payment gateways.  

We are always on the lookout for partners who want to integrate with us. If you are a PMS or payment gateway who wants to integrate with ChargeAutomation please get in touch. 

PMS Integration

Customer Pre Check-in Experience