Streamline check-in & check-out

Automate self check-in online, collect guest info & documents, accept credit card payments & allow selfie ID verification using contactless check-in software for hotels & vacation rentals.

Speed up hotel check-in & eliminate queues at the front-desk

Automate self check-in online, collect guest info & documents, accept credit card payments & allow selfie ID verification using contactless check-in software for hotels & vacation rentals.

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Why you need contactless check-in software

Why your vacation rental needs ChargeAutomation

Custom check-in experience

Pre check-in links

Collect ID/Passport

Guest eSignatures

Upsell during check-in

Auto collect payments

Digital guest guidebook

Check-in reminders

Why hosts like you trust ChargeAutomation


Upsell revenue

Offer personalized upsells during check-in


Guest queues

Reduce guest queues by
using online check-in


Time savings

Speed up check-in & booking


Guest satisfaction

Saving guest time & money will make them happy


Document handling

Collect guest documents &
signatures online


Eliminate cash-handling

Collect payments & security
deposit during check-in

Check-in automation with a few clicks

Serve more customers in less time with no active human involvement using contactless check-in software that runs like clockwork 24/7. Deliver better guest experience by removing bottlenecks at the front-desk with self-check-in.

Take your hotels contactless journey to the next level

Reduce paperwork by going digital with online self-check-in

Get more opportunities to upsell throughout the guest journey

Allow your hotel guests check-in and out from the mobile phones avoiding lines

Cut down operational costs & generate additional revenue

Contactless check-in

Client testimonial

“What ChargeAutomation customers are saying about our check-in software”

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ChargeAutomation is easy to use and user friendly, you can surely use the system even if you are a beginner. and the support team are prompt at responding to queries and very informative.
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We've been using contactless check-in for quite some time already and are really satisfied with how they combined id check, payment collection, terms & conditions and upsells into a single flow. It was easy to implement and guests love the experience.
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Contactless check-in from ChargeAutomation saves so much time for our administrators and we noticed how guest satisfaction improved. 100% recommendation.

Self check-in that integrates with your current hotel software

Our contactless software integrates with a wide range of hospitality software ensuring that you can access guest data needed for check-in & out from your PMS, OTA & payment gateway.

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Contactless check-in software allows hotel guests to self check-in online & enter their room without visiting the front-desk or human interaction.

Contactless check-in software works by capturing a guest reservation from a hotel PMS and sending a pre check-in link to a guest enabling them to submit their information, documents & making payments.

The best time to send a pre check-in email to guests is a day before check-in or after the booking. 

Hotels that use contactless check-in software from ChargeAutomation include CozySuites, Wyndham hotels, UpStay & Carzi Contactless

Find instructions on how to generate a pre-check-in link through your PMS using template URL’s defined here.

Hotels and short-term rentals often use contactless check-in by ChargeAutomation for ID-check, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, gaining guest intelligence, upselling and more.

ChargeAutomation’s contactless check-in solution is built to facilitate the scaling up of your hospitality business with less effort. You may apply the check-in flow for multiple short-term rentals or hotels at once.

Requiring users to download an app dramatically decreases the conversion rate. ChargeAutomation is a completely web-based solution; however, its user-friendly interface creates an app-like experience.

ChargeAutomation is GDPR and PCI-compliant solution. Personal data security is the cornerstone of our operations.

Yes, you may define what steps contactless check-in should include such as ID-verification, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, upselling and more.

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