Collect payments automatically

Automatically collect reservation fees, deposit payments, outstanding balances, city taxes, cancellation fees, and tourist taxes for your hotel or vacation rentals.

Stop Chasing Payments

For guests, it is fast and convenient. For you, it eliminates the costs, delays, and non-payment risks of manual billing.

Card Authorization Form

No more credit card authorization forms.

Avoid No-shows

With automated payment collection based on cancellation policy

3D Secure Payments

3D Secure™ (or 3DS) is a secure online payment with card authentication

Eliminate Manual Payments

Eliminate Manually Charging Payments

Eliminate Fraud

You would not worry about fraud customers, disputes and chargebacks for your business with our Chargeback Protection feature

Increase conversion rate

By offering different cancellation policy and let us do the collection

Lower your costs & errors

Lower your costs, time & errors associated with manual collection

Save Transaction Fee

Using pre-authorization instead of charge

PCI Compliant

No manually handling of credit card data

Failed Payment Reminder

Give guests frictionless reminder and ability to add or change payment method


Visual reporting

Easily identify reservation status visually and export reports to csv files.

What Payment Automation Does

Automatically collect Reservation Amount Deposit Payments, Outstanding Balance, Cancellation Fee, Damage deposit

Securely Collect Credit Card

From Guest, OTA website & PMS

Auto Charge & Refund

Based on Cancellation Policy

Auto Report Invalid Cards

To Guests, OTA  channel (i.e. & Admin

Auto Schedule Payments

To Collect Partial, Full & Outstanding Payment

Automatic Posting to PMS

Auto Authorize/Release Security Deposit

Auto Detect/Process Virtual Cards

Automated Digital Tracking

 Automatically Collect

✓Reservation Amount

✓Deposit Payments

✓Outstanding Balance

✓Cancellation Fee

✓Damage deposit

payment schedule summary

Setup Auto Payments in 3 Easy Steps

Connect your payment gateway (i.e. Stripe)

with connect to various payment gateways including Stripe.

Connect to your PMS or Reservation Software

Set your auto payment rules by booking source

In less than 5 minutes, you can fully automate payment processing for any booking source i.e., Direct Booking

Give Your Guests Frictionless Payment Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

If the reservation includes guest card, ChargeAutomation is able to obtain it from your PMS. Otherwise, a secure link will sent to the guest via email/sms to add card details

You can send the link to any form of messaging communication like email, chat, SMS, or any social media sites, etc. This can be sent automatically or manually by you.

Yes, you can customize auto payment rules by booking source type or property

If a payment is past due or declined, both you and the guest will receive notification via email. The guest will have the option to change payment method.

Our system can detect virtual cards and process them based on the cancellation policy of the booking source

Yes, all payments & refunds made are reflected in your existing PMS or reservation system.

We only charge very minimal fee in using our auto payment. Only successful transactions are charged for 0.15% of transaction amount (e.g. 15 cents on a $100) + $0.25 cents gateway transaction fee. We bill you at the end of the month based on how many transactions are processed.