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A globally-recognized leader in online check-in, payment automation, deposit collection and upsell.
For hotels, B&B’s, vacation rentals, car rentals & hostels.

Charge Automation Fin Scaled

Single, streamlined guest flow

 online check-in, payment collection, upsell & guest portal for the hospitality industry


Collect Guest Info Pre-Arrival

Save up to 30 minutes per booking with our FREE online check-in tool. Using your brand, to collect

digital online check-in
hotel payment automation & security deposit

Automate Payment Collection

 The most flexible payment collection tool. Automatically take full or partial split payments according to due date.

Collect Security Deposit

Collect security deposit in a form of authorization (imprint).

Security/Damage Deposit
Upsell hotel vacation rental

Upsell During Pre Check-In

Create memorable experience for guests & drive revenue by $25 per booking. Upsells can be purchased during pre-check-in or afterwards in guest portal

Guest Portal & Guidebook

Give your guest an area where they can access   Instruction,  Receipts, Purchase Upsell Services & Chat.

Guest Guidebook & Portal
Inverted Commas Logo

We no longer spent time physically collecting documents or contacting guest for payment. CA is doing that for us without lifting a finger.

- Kris Anavis @ Union Square Hotel


Powerful Refund Automation

 Automatically Charge/Refund based on a booking’s cancellation policy or your specified refund policy.

reservation Cancellation Policy Setting
Credit Card Validation

Card Validation & Authorization

Validate credit card to ensure its valid or authorize an amount.

A fixed amount or a percentage of the booking can be authorized.

Zero Fraud Guaranteed​

Don’t make a trade off between payment and risk. Our superior fraud detection eliminates Chargebacks entirely. We’re so confident in the models that we cover 100% of fraudulent chargebacks.

Payment Gateway for hotels, vacation rentals

120 payment gateways

ChargeAutomation offers the most payment gateway options in the market by integrating with every major payment gateway. Choose from virtually any payment gateway that you or your guests prefer.

50+ PMS Integration

ChargeAutomation can integrate with any Property Management Systems, Channel Management Systems & Web Booking Engines. If you are with a PMS and are interested in using ChargeAutomation please contact us and we will notify you when ChargeAutomation becomes available for you.

PMS Integration