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With ChargeAutomation, we've experienced improved cash flow, reduced billing errors, and increased overall productivity. I can confidently say that ChargeAutomation is a game-changer for any business looking to optimize its billing processes. I highly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking a reliable and efficient billing solution."


All You Need to Manage Vacation Rentals Efficiently. Hostify is an all-in-one solution, helping rental owners and property managers to automate processes and integrate data from multiple channels and Airbnb accounts. Our experience in the hospitality industry and ongoing cooperation with leading property management companies mean we’re perfectly placed to keep rental professionals ahead of the competition.
Global Reach Channel Manager
Global Reach Unified Inbox
Global Reach Booking Engine
Global Reach Automations
Global Reach Task Management
Global Reach 24/7 premium support
Global Reach Multi-Calendar
Global Reach Owner Dashboard

Powerful Automation Features

  • Bookings Bookings

    Import, track and update all of your bookings from one central page. Reservations are retrieved in real-time, so no more double bookings.

  • Smart Automations Smart Automations

    Automate repetitive tasks like messaging, reviews, pricing and payments. It's the easy way to boost your productivity.

  • Booking Website Booking Website

    Get your own free booking website. It'll be modern, responsive and mobile-friendly. Ready to get you direct bookings with no OTA fees.

  • Property Management Property Management

    Simplify the management of your vacation or short-term rentals. All-in-one PMS for your listings, bookings, messaging, and many more.

  • Mid & Long-Term Bookings Mid & Long-Term Bookings

    Handle all aspects of the rental process, including listing, pricing, scheduling, and guest communication – all from one centralized dashboard!

  • Mobile App Mobile App

    A powerful tool to help you stay on top of any last minute changes and communicate with your clients on the Go.

  • How to get started with Hostify ?

    Begin by identifying your specific hosting needs. Use a search engine to find the official website or platform associated with Hostify. Visit the official website of Hostify to explore its features, services, and pricing plans. Check the pricing page to understand the cost of hosting with Hostify. If Hostify requires user accounts, sign up by providing the necessary details. Once logged in, explore the dashboard or control panel. Refer to any documentation or guides provided by Hostify. Configure your hosting settings based on your website’s requirements. This may involve setting up domains, installing content management systems (CMS), configuring email accounts, and securing your website. Before launching your website or application, conduct thorough testing to ensure everything functions as expected. Once satisfied with the setup and testing, launch your website or application to make it accessible to users.
  • Explore Hostify's Website Explore Hostify's Website
  • Understand Pricing and Plans Understand Pricing and Plans
  • Create an Account Create an Account
  • Configure Your Settings Configure Your Settings
  • Access the Dashboard or Control Panel Access the Dashboard or Control Panel
  • Configure Hosting Settings Configure Hosting Settings
  • Test Your Website Test Your Website
  • Launch Your Website Launch Your Website
  • FAQ

    Check answers to the most common questions about Charge Automation

    Contactless check-in software allows hotel guests to self check-in online & enter their room without visiting the front-desk or human interaction.

    Contactless check-in software works by capturing a guest reservation from a hotel PMS and sending a pre check-in link to a guest enabling them to submit their information, documents & making payments.

    The best time to send a pre check-in email to guests is a day before check-in or after the booking. 

    Hotels that use contactless check-in software from ChargeAutomation include CozySuites, Wyndham hotels, UpStay & Carzi Contactless

    Find instructions on how to generate a pre-check-in link through your PMS using template URL’s defined here.

    Hotels and short-term rentals often use contactless check-in by ChargeAutomation for ID-check, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, gaining guest intelligence, upselling and more.

    ChargeAutomation’s contactless check-in solution is built to facilitate the scaling up of your hospitality business with less effort. You may apply the check-in flow for multiple short-term rentals or hotels at once.

    Requiring users to download an app dramatically decreases the conversion rate. ChargeAutomation is a completely web-based solution; however, its user-friendly interface creates an app-like experience.

    ChargeAutomation is GDPR and PCI-compliant solution. Personal data security is the cornerstone of our operations.

    Yes, you may define what steps contactless check-in should include such as ID-verification, payment collection, security deposit authorization, selfie verification, upselling and more.

    Why Charge Automation

    Streamlined Financial Processes

    Enhanced Efficiency

    Reduced Human Error

    Optimized Subscription Management

    Improved Customer Experience

    Real-time Reporting and Analytics

    Customizable Solutions

    Scalability for Growth

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