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What is happening to GuestView Guide?

GuestView Guide is a digital guidebook service designed specifically for short-term rental hosts. It allows hosts to easily create beautiful, customizable guidebooks for their rental properties. The guidebooks can include property details, local recommendations, house rules, WiFi passwords, and more. All this for the cost of $40 per month per guidebook. 

Unfortunately, GuestView Guide has announced they will be discontinuing service next year and no new subscribers are being allowed on the platform.

This is disappointing news for many hosts who rely on GuestView Guide, who will now need to find an alternative solution to avoid service interruption.


Why Discontinue GuestView Guide?

Sharp NEC Display Solutions has decided to discontinue GuestView Guide as part of a strategic alignment with the company’s broader vision for the future. This decision reflects a shift in focus towards core business areas that leverage their expertise in display and digital technologies. As such, maintaining the GuestView Guide platform, which was initially developed to fill a technological gap in the vacation rental industry, has become less viable in the context of their evolving business priorities.

The company has committed to fulfilling all existing orders and bookings made until October 31, 2023, and will continue to provide customer support and transition assistance until the final day of operation on October 31, 2024. This approach aims to ensure a smooth transition for existing customers as they phase out the service​ (GuestView Guide – A product by NEC)​.

GuestView Guide Capabilities

Property Overview:

Provide a summary and photos of your rental property.

Local Attractions:

Highlight popular destinations near the property.

House Manual:

Share rules, instructions, and tips for staying at the property.

Reservation Details:

Provide check-in/check-out times, wifi passwords, etc.

Message Guests:

Communicate directly with guests through the guide.

Get Reviews:

Request feedback from guests during or after their stay.

Promote Upsells:

Offer add-ons like cleaning or concierge services.

Monitor Usage:

Track guide views and most popular sections.

Multiple Languages:

Create guides in different languages.

GuestView Guide Benefits

Customized guide creation:

GuestView Guide allows hosts to easily build customized digital guides for each property. You can add photos, maps, instructions, and local recommendations tailored specifically for each rental.

Mobile optimization:

The guides are mobile-friendly, allowing guests to access all the property details right from their phone. This is useful for looking up check-in info, wifi passwords, etc.

Multiple languages:

Hosts can create guides in multiple languages to provide a localized experience for international travelers. This helps guests from around the world feel informed and welcomed.

Unlimited guides:

There are no limits on the number of guidebooks you can create for all your properties. Each rental can have its own customized experience.

Easy distribution:

The guides can be directly emailed to guests or accessed via unique links. No need to print and mail paper guides anymore.


Hosts can view analytics on guidebook opens and pageviews. This helps understand what info guests are most interested in accessing.

Upselling opportunities:

Guides allow hosts to promote add-ons like early check-in, airport transfers, concierge services, etc. This can generate incremental revenue.


Digital guides feel more modern, clean, and professional than printed materials. This improves the guest experience and brand image.

Alternative Solutions

With GuestView Guide shutting down, hosts need to find an alternative way to provide guest information and instructions. Here are a few options:

Relying on Airbnb's Guidebook

The Airbnb platform allows hosts to create a simple guidebook that guests can access.


  • Built into the Airbnb platform so guests can easily find it
  • Free to create and use


  • Very basic formatting and design options
  • Limited organization and structure capabilities
  • Can’t brand it or customize it beyond Airbnb’s tools

Emailing a Guidebook PDF

Hosts could create a PDF guidebook and email it to guests after booking.


  • Complete control over guidebook design
  • Can brand and customize it fully


  • Adds an extra communication step for hosts
  • Guests may not see the email or open the attachment
  • Not optimized for mobile viewing

ChargeAutomation GuideBook

ChargeAutomation offers a robust guidebook creation tool as part of its suite of products.


  • Create unlimited guidebooks with up to 10 free
  • Full customization and branding capabilities
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Easy for guests to access through online link


  • Must pay if more than 10 guidebooks needed
  • Additional product to learn outside of Airbnb platform

ChargeAutomation Overview

ChargeAutomation is an all-in-one software solution designed specifically for short-term rental hosts and property managers. It allows you to easily create digital guidebooks for your properties that your guests can access on their mobile devices.

With ChargeAutomation, you can:

  • Create unlimited, customizable guidebooks for all your properties
  • Include photos, videos, maps, and links in your guidebooks
  • Update and edit your guidebooks anytime
  • Enable offline access so guests can view without an internet connection
  • Get real-time analytics on guidebook usage and engagement
  • Integrate with Airbnb, Vrbo, and more to auto-send guidebook links
  • Allow guests to submit damage reports and requests through the guidebook
  • Create automated pre-stay welcome messages with guidebook link
  • Set up guidebook access restrictions by date range
  • Build quizzes, surveys, and contests to engage guests
  • Accept credit card payments for damage deposits and more

The intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to put together professional, branded guidebooks in minutes. You have complete creative control over the look and feel.

ChargeAutomation Benefits

ChargeAutomation provides several key benefits over GuestView Guide:

Cost savings

ChargeAutomation starts at just $9/month, compared to $40/month for GuestView Guide. This represents over 75% in cost savings.

Unlimited guidebooks

You can create unlimited guidebooks with ChargeAutomation. This flexibility allows you to customize guidebooks for each property.

Real-time updates

Make changes to your ChargeAutomation guidebooks and have them update in real-time. 

Guest communication

Communicate directly with guests via ChargeAutamation Guest-Portal.

ChargeAutomation Pricing

ChargeAutomation offers several flexible pricing plans that provide great value compared to GuestView Guide’s $40 per month per guide.

  • The Basic plan is completely free and allows you to create up to 10 guidebooks. This covers most small vacation rental owners’ needs at no cost.
  • The Starter plan is $9 per month and allows unlimited guidebooks. This is less than 25% the cost of GuestView Guide for unlimited guides.
  • The Pro plan is $19 per month with unlimited guides, multi-user access, and premium features like custom branding and translations. Still less than 50% the cost of GuestView Guide.

Learn more about our pricing by clicking here.

No matter your size, ChargeAutomation offers flexible and cost-effective digital guidebook solutions compared to GuestView Guide. You can easily provide a better guest experience for a fraction of the price.

Conclusion and Call to Action

GuestView Guide has provided many useful features and benefits to hosts over the years. However, with their service shutting down, hosts need to explore alternative solutions.

One such alternative is ChargeAutomation. ChargeAutomation provides similar capabilities for creating digital guidebooks, managing guest communications, and streamlining operations.

I encourage you to learn more about ChargeAutomation here and sign up for a free account to see firsthand how it can help your short-term rental business.



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